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marullus angled leather tool belt

$139.54 USD

leather aprons have been known throughout history and no better quote than from shakespeare's julias ceaser "where is your leather apron and your rule?"  our angled leather apron surface has that aged look and is steeped in history with it's functional pockets and loops.  our modern twist pays homage to our social connection with it's perfect phone pocket.  ample room for cutters, pliers, scissors, keys, knife, hammer or whatever your day calls for.  sometimes you need to have a little bit of everything handy so whether your are a florist, carpenter, gardener, hobbiest, hairdresser or just a flower lover our angled leather apron is the perfect one for you.  made of genuine cowhide leather with waxed surface commonly known as crazy horse leather this one will get a vintage look after using it several times.