How to Pick the Perfect Florist or Gardening Apron

How to Pick the Perfect Florist or Gardening Apron

Needless to say we LOVE aprons here at So, like all great blogs we thought why not start with a definition. However, in what could be called THE MOST BORING of all definitions our pal Merriam Webster says that an apron is "a garment of cloth, plastic, or leather usually tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume".   

Ummm, sorry I think I just fell asleep... 
Aprons, boring… we think not! So many choices, colors, and fabrics. Where do we start?

There are two criteria in aprons. What would you like it made out of? For example, leather or linen? And then what style should you buy? That includes half/waist aprons, bib aprons, or cobbler aprons. but before we get into how to choose the perfect apron or in this case aprons let's take a brief look into the origin of our favorite florist fashion statement. 
Did you know that fertility goddess figurines could be the first images of women wearing aprons? Ancient snake goddess figurines excavated in Crete gave us a glimpse of how Minoan women may have dressed in 1600 BCE: 

a tight bodice, bare breasts, and an embroidered or woven apron covering a long dress.  With that uniform it could be that their flower shops got a ton of traffic!   

Before you take out the birth control patch and rip off your shirts lets fast forward to the first some of the first textiles used for aprons.

When talking about materials why not start with the tried and true, human’s first cloth, more powerful than a locomotive…. leather. Leather speaks of fearlessness gritty, ruggedness, and daring. Leather is handsome and earthy and with wear just seems to have a story to tell. Leather is known for being the most durable and longest lasting material for an apron.  Leather is protective and even better it will maintain its beauty as it becomes more worn.

The soldiers of the French Foreign Legion wore leather aprons as early as the 18th century seemingly for protection.  In German-speaking Europe the miners wore leather aprons that served to keep their seats from wearing out when working or moving around the mine as well as keeping out the cold and moisture when sitting. In fact, many jobs that required working with metals were quite dangerous and a thick, heavy leather apron could protect its wearer's body from sparks and the heat of the flames and blistering metals.

These types of aprons were typically made out of heavy leather but also duck cloth or canvas. Some particular early pen and ink sketches of the 13th century show a blacksmith's forge with master and apprentices garbed in aprons. Even though artwork only started to reflect everyday scenes (like a blacksmith's forge) in the high Middle Ages, For centuries cobblers, blacksmiths, stonemasons, painters and even chefs wore leather aprons to protect them from hot oil to mild chemicals.

Oh and let's not forget about the fun fact that a man named "Leather Apron" was one of the first suspects in the Jack the Ripper case.  We would like to think if the victims had worn leather aprons like the soldiers they may have met with a better end.

Flowrsoul has so many leather aprons to choose from. From bib to waist and even waxed canvas with leather accents. Our Marrulus Angled Leather apron surface has that aged look with functional pockets and loops.  Unlike the leather aprons of old, our modern twist to the century-old standard pays homage to our need for social connection with its perfect phone pocket. There are so many pockets that there is ample room for cutters, pliers, scissors, keys, knife, hammer, and whatever else the day calls for.  If you like the look of worn leather this apron is made of genuine cowhide leather with waxed surface commonly known as crazy horse leather and will get a vintage look after using it several times.

If you like leather but don’t want full coverage then a leather tool belt is our favorite choice. The Greta leather tool belt can be coupled with a lighter bib, waist, or cross back and still give you that warm feeling of leather!

Not the leather type? You want something lighter? Something graceful? How bout linen?

According to Wikipedia, linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest in the world: their history goes back many thousands of years. Fragments of straw, seeds, fibers, yarns, and various types of fabrics dating to about 8000 BC have been found in Swiss lake dwellings. Dyed flax fibers found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia suggest the use of woven linen fabrics from wild flax may date back even earlier to 36,000 BP.  It's no wonder then that linen is the fabric of choice for so many of our Flowrsoul aprons.

If you are looking for a lightweight material that comes in lots of pretty colors then linen is a fabulous choice!  Flowering of any kind is a wet and dirty job!  It dries out very quickly and linen fabric doesn't dirty easily so your linen apron will stay clean and looking neat for longer than most textiles.  The multiple color choices also make it easy to match or rebrand your store look. A fun idea is to buy an assortment of linen aprons in your store branding colors. This allows your designers to express their creativity in the workspace and keeps the mood bright! If you like to change up your look then a linen apron is for you.
Take our Lidia Linen Half Apron for example. 
What we love about this one is that unlike a full apron this one can be added easily to any outfit. There are so many colors to choose from that you could literally have a linen half apron to match every outfit you own. We love pairing this apron with jeans and a Flowrsoul Graphic Tee. If you are an event florist, a wedding planner, or a nursery worker a linen half apron also provides a quick and easy way to bring a cohesive look when your team is on a job site together. Because a half apron is small and compact it's easy to carry in your bag to and from work as well.

We love to couple a linen bib apron with a leather tool holder for a layered and functional look. This way any tools that need a more heavyweight holder have a place.
Sizing is a no brainer with a Flowrsoul linen half apron because they are wrapped around string tied. Whether it is the Lidia Linen Half or our longer Lauren Linen half either one is a one size fits all. This makes keeping your staff looking fresh extremely easy. All of these aprons are simple to customize with your logo as well. Again, great for branding quickly and inexpensively!

Another option in the linen apron category is the classic bib apron (also known as the “French chefs apron” or a “barbecue apron”). This style has also been worn for centuries. The bib apron had a gritty start when people used scraps of fabric to make a bib-like covering that slipped over the neck and tied at the back. Boy, have we come a long way from that simple beginning with the adorable cross back and string bibs selections we have today!
Why not add the Payton Apron

or the Katie Crossback to your apron wardrobe. Both are made of a linen/cotton mix and are stain and water-resistant. They have a casual fit and are easily washed. And don’t get us started about the array of trendy colors available. We love the Katie Crossback in turmeric because of that golden mustard color, gathered waist, and enough length to make you feel a little dressed
So if covering up your clothes and adding some style to your attire is for you then a bib, cross back or cobbler apron is for you.  A cobbler apron is tied on the sides vs a tie on the back.
Needless to say we have you covered here at Flowrsoul no matter what kind of apron you want or need.  Go ahead and flower pretty!  You deserve it.  
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