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faux begonia/geranium like flowers

faux begonia/geranium like flowers

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this faux begonia evokes the essence of phlox in its design. we adore its array of color options, as well as its unique substitution for hydrangeas, roses, and orchids. the graceful, fluid movement of this flower is a stunning addition to our installations.

Product Description:
Name: faux flower fresh begonia/geranium flower 5 forks 35 flowers 1pcs
Size: Total length / 24CM unfolding diameter: 24CM
Weight: 0.025KG

A bouquet of flowers is divided into 5 forks, with 7 flowers on each fork, for a total of 35 begonia flowers
Each flower has a diameter of 4.5 cm and the overall height of the bouquet is 24 cm
Each bunch consists of a combination of 4 leaves and branches
The petal material adopts excellent high-density soft silk slurry, and the cloth leaves are printed with silk screen printing branches and glue, which go through three processes of punching, dyeing and fixing, and then the slurry moisturizing and color fixing treatment.

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