Collection: virtual apprentice program with susan davis



The opportunities for learning in our industry are like no other time since I began designing in 1988.  The reason I share so much of what I know is because I remember how I would study every single arrangement wondering "how did they do that"???  Then I would find every book available and go to every wholesaler show I could find.  Man how things have changed!!

So... after 32 years and lots of practice I am finally offering an intensive 12 session Virtual program where I delve deeper and more thoroughly into Event Floristry from start to finish.

A quick breakdown of what you will learn.
4 Sessions Bouquets
4 Sessions Centerpieces
4 Sessions Installations
Principles and Elements of Design applied Throughout and Included in a Written Lesson


Optional Event Hours
After the course you will be invited to join our team on a live event to put all you have learned into practice!

You will be required to purchase flowers and hard goods for practice.