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bar soap - rosemary and lavender

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bathing is more than just getting clean, it’s a time, your time, an occasion in your day for you to relax, reflect, refresh and revitalize your skin.  a time to treat yourself to the solace of a warm soothing clean that leaves you at your best…  we can make it better.  our bastille soap is the original recipe that launched siliski soaps.   it’s a well researched, time proven, perfect balance of oils to make a fantastic  lathering bar, with a gentle, thorough clean that will not over dry.   this is the perfect bar - gentle and effective, yet cleansing, hard and long lasting.   rosemary and lavender:  camphoraceous, woodsy and herbaceous, rosemary plays wonderfully with floral and calming lavender. the result is booth herbal and floral. one of our best sellers. ingredients: saponified oils of olive, coconut, shea, castor, water, essential oils, sodium lactate  4.5 oz