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erica vintage bud vases 16 piece - multiple colors

erica vintage bud vases 16 piece - multiple colors

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easiest centerpiece you will ever make -  line up the budvases in assorted sizes along your table and add blooms.  for a more modern look use all the same flower and color.  for a more garden look try assorted blooms in different heights.  your table will look styled and beautiful!  

don't forget the flowrsoul flower food.

16 small gradient green vases in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. each vase features a thickened bottom for stability and have a translucent texture. 

made of strong and durable glass through a unique casting process, the surface of the bud vase has a concave and convex pattern that is smooth and textured to the touch. in different light, the gradient will show different effects


    Material Glass
    Color Green-16pcs
    Brand Arme
    Product Dimensions 4.33"L x 2.67"W x 2.67"H
    Shape Bottle
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